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Hans Keuls
'Rhythm of the hand'


'Hans Keuls (1956) is a professional artist, educated and inspired by great Dutch painters. His warmth and great personality shines through his work! 


I had spent a lifetime collecting Contemporary Art when I came across his paintings, completely by coincidence, in the late summer of 2010. As an avid art collector, I was completely surprised and overwhelmed by the way his work touched me at first sight. The way he uses his hands, spatulas and brushes to influence the intensity of the colors struck me deeply.


Inspired and enthousiast, I was anxious to see more of his works; I felt a deep connection to his open minded personality, his love for music and rhythm, his fascination for nature, and the way he approaches new views.


The artwork by this impressionist painter is presented by us to art collectors in our gallery in Oirschot, The Netherlands as well as in the USA, Japan, Taiwan and China'. 

De abstracte kunst van Hans Keuls is opgebouwd in lagen.

Violet Blue Spring Rhythm Field| 120 x 220 cm

About the artist

'It seems my paintings are taking me back to the 19th century, without me losing the paranoia and idiocy of the present'.

Hans Keuls 

Hans Keuls Collection

Hans Keuls Collection
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