Tribute to Pollock 2012

Bijgewerkt: 7 jul 2018

Action Painting by Denis de Gloire

In 2012 Denis De Gloire presented his hommage to Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). His paintings were brought to the historical interior of the Belfry of Brugge. The main pieces were the huge paintings representing the four seasons.

Flemish artist Denis De Gloire has been mostly inspired by Pollock and also by artists like Yves Klein and Mel Ramos.

Other than Pollock, he works with the techniques and material Pollock wasn't able to use in his time. 'I moved further where Pollock had to stop', the artist says.

Denis De Gloire | Black around | 74 x 104 cm | framed 90 x 120 cm

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