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Bijgewerkt op: 25 jul. 2018

The work by Wessel keeps on fascinating me. Mondriaan, van Doesburg, Malevitch are understandable sources of study when trying to find out the basic thoughts of the artist Wessel Huisman. Of course the ambitons were different in those days, related to their time frames, but they always bring me back to Wessel’s paintings.

Wessel is related to his actual time frame and to the way he is spectator of social environment nowadays.

Happy and proud to represent Wessel Huisman, his professional and inspiring paintings that always initiates ‘food for thoughts’.

Heineken Buildings Amsterdam
Heineken Buildings Amsterdam

Artist statement 2012:

Like the old Dutch Masters, I love Holland, the skies, de frankness of the landscape, the brightness, the light. The first things that count in my work are light and brightness. For that reason I do not need colors’.
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