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The paintings by Rep Ringel are inspired, even driven by music.

Each painting has the title of the musical composition that inspired the artist to make the painting.

The NFC chip attached to the painting can be read to find information. And even play the musical exposition directly!


Peter about meeting the artist: 'It has already been several years since I first saw the artwork by Denis De Gloire and had the pleasure to meet the artist himself. I was instantly struck by his own interpretation of the artist he admires most: Jackson Pollock'.

23412 Blue Sun.jpg
Urban appartment


How Peter met Wessel: 'Wessel Huisman and I were both on the Art Fair 2012 in Shanghai when we met. I already saw his incredible collection, not knowing the artist was on site as well! 

Although I was familiair with his work already, we never met in Holland.

Coincidence or fate'?


Peter: 'I had spent a lifetime collecting Contemporary Art when I came across his paintings, completely by coincidence, in the late summer of 2010. As an avid art collector, I was completely surprised and overwhelmed by the way his work touched me at first sight. The way he uses his hands, spatulas and brushes to influence the intensity of the colors struck me deeply'.

23788_norwegian_winterlight (1).jpg


'When visiting an Art Fair in Amsterdam, I was touched to see the work of artist Frank Peters (1976). Frank is specialized in Fine Art Photography. His work is very powerful, showing the strength as well as the fragility of nature.

One can imagine the subjects require lots of patience to catch the right moment. The true hand of the artist'!


'In 2002, I met Jit through an art collector friend. I was immediately struck by her professionalism and dynamism. At the time, we were organising exhibitions in China.


Jit's work attracted a lot of attention and was particularly sought after by budding art collectors in Beijing and Shanghai, but also in Taiwanese Taipei. Since then, Jit's work can be found with onzerelations and partners in the Far East.

In the Netherlands, we present paintings, watercolours and mixed media by Jit in our Gallery.'


Jit NIeuwenhuis.jpeg
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