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Arend van Slichtenhorst (1616-1657)

Arend van Slichtenhorst (1616-1657)

€ 450,00Prijs


Map and Birds Eye View

Original antique copper engraving


25 x 35 cm


1654, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Published by Jacob van Biesen

Book: Geldersse Geschiedenissen, by Arend van Slichtenhorst printed by Jacob van Biesen, Arnhem 1654.



  • The artist

    Arend van Slichtenhorst was born in Nijkerk, where he also passed away. He studied in Harderwijk, Franeker and probaby in Leiden. Afterwards he traveled in France. When he returned he went to Arnhem and where he practised as a lawyer.

    But mainly he was a historian researcher. His famous topographical maps of cities mostly also have a bird eye's view. Like the one in our collection of the city of Nijmegen.

    Van Slichtenhorst also was a poet, however not many of his poems are left.

  • Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

    The website of the Rijksmusem has published the tiotle of the book of 'Gelderse Geschiedeniisen', history of Gelderland, by Pontanus. 

    Arend van Slichtenhorst translated, researched and edited a great part of the book. His name is mentioned on the title page, as well as the name of the publisher Jacob van Biesen.


    Website Rijksmuseum, Arend van Slichtenhorst.

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