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Frans Manders (Netherlands, 1939)

Frans Manders (Netherlands, 1939)

€ 2.150,00Prijs


Oil on board


The Netherlands, ca 2009


60 x 50 cm

Including frame: 83,5 x 73,5 cm


  • Floral painting

    The abstract floral style oil painting by Frans Manders is painted on board

    The brushstrokes are loose and expressive, contributing to the overall abstract quality of the painting.



    Impasto technique


    Frans Manders applied impasto technique. It's a painting technique in which paint is applied to the canvas in very thick layers or blobs. This technique creates enhanced texture and depth in the painting, as the brush or palette knife strokes remain visible. The effect of impasto is that it intensifies the texture of the surface of the artwork, allowing special, highly realistic effects to be achieved.



    Color palette


    The vibrant and varied color palette includes shades of blue, yellow, red, and green, which stand out against a muted background.

    The composition features overlapping shapes of flowers and petals, creating a sense of movement.



    Dynamic compostion


    This style is known for evoking emotion and allowing personal interpretation by the viewer. It’s characterized by its dynamic composition and the emotional impact of its vivid colors.


  • Frans Manders

    Frans Manders is a Dutch artist born in Helmond, The Netherlands in 1939. His artistic journey began after attending the Academy for Industrial Design in Eindhoven. Initially working as a drawer, he later transitioned to become a graphic designer and illustrator. In 1978, following a successful exhibition of his watercolors and drawings, he embarked on a path of independent artistry.

    His pieces often capture the observable reality in an attractive and sometimes surreal manner.





    His first exhibition took place on 18 December 1977 at De Zonnewijzer of the Philips Leisure Centre in Eindhoven; he exhibited with 98 watercolours and sepia drawings.

    In 1978, he resigns and devotes himself fully to being an artist. Frans seeks contact with other painters and joins group Contour 80, which gathers around gallery Lambèr in Valkenswaard. He found a good teacher in the Schijndel painter Dorus van Oorschot (1910-1989). He worked intensively with him for two years, working on location every week.

    A close friendship developed, resulting in a relationship that was almost like father and son. Frans owes him the fact that he gained a better eye for attractive spots in the Brabant landscape and was able to perfect his vision of this landscape.





    Museum Helmond, The Netherlands

    Eindhoven Museum, The Netherlands





    'Frans Manders', published by Museum Kempenland Eindhoven

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