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Rep Ringel

Rep Ringel

€ 14.500,00Prijs


Acrylics and 24K gold on linen canvas on aluminium frame


Nederland, 2024

200 x 300 cm cm 

Including black wooden frame: 205 x 305 cm


Signed and dated NFC


  • Art Driven by Music

    Artist Rep Ringel :

    Yeaku' is the name of this large sized painting. Almost six square meters of music captured in many layers on the canvas. Inspired by the song 'Yeaku' from Awaré which I played on my stereo in a continuous loop. The voice and the total atmosphere of the song gave me the feeling to use natural colours, earth tones and it gave me the need to finish it with elements of real 24K gold.


    Listen to Yeaku

  • Rep Ringel (The Netherlands, 1962)

    A self-made man in every way, is born and raised in the Netherlands into an artistic family. His mother, a graduated fashion designer, and his father, a poet gave him all the freedom to develop his creativity and to dive into his own artistic soul. Obviously this had, and still has a big influence on his life and career choices. 


    One of Rep’s biggest passions is music; as a teenager he used to wander around record stores looking for new, original, and exceptional music. It was therefore no surprise Rep started having a career as a deejay. 

    Graphic Design

    Rep, on the look-out for new challenges and opportunities to evolve his creativity, started to show an interest in graphic design and through education and internships he managed to become a successful Graphic Designer. With his own award winning agency, Ringel Design he mainly worked for clients from the fashion, beauty and cosmetic industry.


    Always wanting to develop his talents further, influenced and inspired by music, fashion and design, Rep started to create art: large abstract paintings on canvas. His approach on creating paintings is really his own. The way he applies the acrylic paint on the canvas is rather unconventional. Every paining is made to the sounds of one specific song / track. Rep listens to these music pieces repeatedly while creating the art work. Translating all the layers heard in the music onto the canvas. This unique approach makes the artworks come to life and creates a sense of depth, mystery, and rhythm. Looking at the color pallet Rep worked initially mainly with earth tones, since nature inspires him. However these days not only the element earth is a source of inspiration, it is the other elements like water, fire and air as well. Hence the art works in blues, whites and even orange-reds. Often he adds touches of metallic, and 24k gold elements. To make his work even more unique, Rep adds a chip to the painting with special information about the art work, including a certificate of authenticity and ownership in a special wax seal on the canvas. His paintings are named after the music piece or the musician / composer of that specific song.


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