Nicolaas Riegen (1827-Amsterdam-1889)

Nicolaas Riegen (1827-Amsterdam-1889)

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Marine near Antwerp

Oil on canvas


44 x 67,5 cm

Goldgilded ornamental wooden frame

1846, The Netherlands


Signed bottom left


  • About Nicolaas Riegen

    Nicolaas Riegen was born in Amsterdam where he also passed away at the age of 62 in 1889. Also he lived and worked in Amsterdam, mainly scenes of the sea and of rivers. He taught himself the painting techniques, was a true auto-didactic artist. In 1872 he became a member of the famous artist society called "Arte et Amicitiae" in Amsterdam. His collection is shown in The Netherlands at the location of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and of the Rijksmuseum in Twenthe. 


  • Marine painting

    Sailing vessels are situated on a calm river called the ‘Schelde’, which is situated near the harbour  of Antwerp in Belgium.
    On the left background, the city of Antwerp is visible.
    Fishermen are fishing on the sailing vessels.
    On the left foreground a small rowing boat shows two men with their fishing gear.

    Goldgilded ornamental frame.

  • Reference


    Dutch Painters 1750 – 1950,. Author: Pieter A. Scheen

    Kunstkronijk, published in 1859, page 46


    Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Rijksmuseum Twente, The Netherlands


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