Joseph Julius Heffner (1877-1951)

Joseph Julius Heffner (1877-1951)

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Landscape early springtime

Oil on board


74 x 62 cm 

In goldgilded frame: 101 x 89 x 7 cm

1938, Germany


Signed bottom right


  • Joseph Julius Heffner (1877-1951)

    The German painter Julius Heffner has become very welknown because of his realistic-idyllic landscape paintings. Son of a farmer in Hardheim, Bretzingen, he decided to leave home at an early age and went to the city of Freiburg, in the South West part of Germany.

    In 1900 he became a teacher in Trade and Economics. He retired in 1934. In painting he was auto-didact. His paintings became more and more popular, especially in the cities of South Germany. By exhibiting his paintings became wellknown in the area, as the subjects were recognizable and the technique resulted in a very convincing result. After Worldwar II, Julius Heffner went back to his hometown in Hardheim. In this period he mainly painted watercolors and oil paintings of the surrounding landscapes.

  • About the painting

    Typical landscape in the South of Germany. The landscape shows the mountains of the Schwarzwald with a small village situated in the valley. In the front a tree is standing on the side of a small stream. The tree already has small green leaves, messengers of springtime.


    The painting has a goldgilded handmade frame.

  • Provenance

    The painting has been acquired from a private collection.


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