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Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (1683-1741)

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (1683-1741)

€ 450,00Prijs

Botanical scenery with apples

Original antique hand colored copper engraving


32,5 x 20,3 cm


Published 1737-1745, The Netherlands/Germany


The copper engraving is beautifully framed in a goldgilded frame with colored passe-partout.

Including frame: 49 x 36 cm

  • The artist

    Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (13 March 1683 Gardelegen, Germany – 1741), apothecary and botanist, is noted for his creation of the florilegium publication Phytanthoza iconographia between 1737 and 1745.

    The publication was an ambitious project which resulted in eight folio volumes with more than 1,000 hand-coloured engravings of several thousand plants.

  • Publication

    The copper engraving is from Johann Wilhelm Weinmann's publication Phytanthoza Iconographia
    This beautiful work provides a nearly complete record of the flowers, fruits and vegetables cultivated in the early 18th century. 
    The plates are among the earliest examples of color printing from a single plate. 

  • Inscription

    Legenda explaining the different kinds of apples : 🍎 
    a. Malus oxymela acida. b. Malus sylvestris fructi rubro. c. Malus sylvestris fructi rotundo viridi. d. Malus Persica flore pleno. e. Malus Persica Sti. Laurenti. f. Malus Persica minor. No. 707.

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