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Joan Blaeu (1599-1673)

Joan Blaeu (1599-1673)

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Map of Nanking


Original antique hand colored copper engraving


40 x 49 cm

1655-1662, The Netherlands





  • Full title

    Full title: Nanking, sive Kiangnan, Imperii Sinarum Provincia Nona


    The Novus Atlas Sinensis (New Atlas of China) was prepared by the Jesuit Priest Father Martino Martini of the Society of Jesus and published by Blaeu in 1655. The unique map is autographed by the author and coloured entirely by hand.

  • First European Atlas of China

    The Atlas Sinensis, apart from the technical excellence of its production, is important as being the first European atlas of China. It remained the standard geographical work on China until the publication in 1737 of D'Anville's Atlas de la Chine. 

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