€ 750,00Prijs

Engraved glass object

1787, The Netherlands


Height 15 cm

Diameter measured on top 12 cm


Detailed engravings with a coin at the bottom.





  • Royal glass

    This glass object was used to rinse grapes (druiven).
    The glass has been inscribed with the coat-of-arms of the Netherlands, the Dutch Lion.
    Also the text: V. O. which means VIVAT ORANGE, referring to the Royal House of the Netherlands, the House of Orange.
    Another referral to the Royal House is the basket with a tree carrying the Dutch Apples of Orange.

  • Coin Stad Utrecht

    The bottom has a spare space with a coin. The coin is dated 1787 and also has the text: Stad Utrecht.
    The other side of the coin shows a coat-of-arms.